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Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Have you ever met a teacher that will not give you
goosebumps when you are in class? It is not a
frequent occurence, but when you meet them,
they could be a part of your golden diary!

Once, my friend have a teacher that has a method:
everyone has to answer questions row by row!
I tell you that it is good nobody has a high blood
pressure, otherwise a heart attack is on the offing.

Another friend of mine has this teacher who seems
to explode like a volcano when a series of questions
were given by many students. Probably, he got
tired of answering silly and irrelevant questions.
Anyway, the following semester, nobody ask questions!

But, this teacher I have to share with you is a gift gone
down from heaven! With a polite demeanour, you
will wonder this teacher may have been born with a
silver spoon on the mouth.

When you meet this kind of teacher, you really do not
need to be a genius or very bright. Why? Just to feel the
presence of a gentle teacher inspire you at the heights.
Next time, look out for that gentle teacher. It will save
you a lot of goosebumps and stress!
Maria Cassia

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