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Friday, August 22, 2014


(Another beautiful poem from Cynthia. Her talented pen has a magical touch for great poems.The words flow like that of a calm stream. Excellent one indeed,Cynthia.Thanks)

New World

The Flower Of Liseiux

A French maiden with a smile,

Walked the garden by a mile

Pondered on exquisite fount

Smelled poinsettias on mount.

How can I climb to Thee?

Not brilliant as Thomas see!

No mystic as Julian of Norwich,

Nor Theresa of Avila so rich!

Is there a ladder that soars...

To reach Thee by the moors

Or a tower beyond the height

To embrace Thee with might!

Seeking you by my hazel eyes,

A reflection of the blue skies

Searching you by my senses,

Missed the horizon of lenses!

Unravelled a secret tonight,

Love makes my world alive

Mirth fills the air as I glide

Slowly will be an easy ride!

I will rain roses on the ground

Travel across the globe round

Spread Thy sweet fragrance...

Therese of Lisieux is my name!

All rights reserved: BY

Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

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