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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


By Thomas Koovalloor E-RYT500 ( Member, Yoga Alliance)
( About the author: age 60, started learning Yoga at the age of 7, and still practicing on a daily basis. He is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500 , Registered with Yoga Alliance) . He is also the Founding Member of INDO-AMERICAN YOGA INSTITUTE, LLC, Registered in New York State.He is also the Founding Secretary, and also the current (2014) President of Indian American Malayalee community of Yonkers Inc., Founder of St. Thomas Malayalam School, St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Bronx, NY, 2008 Treasurer of India Catholic Association of America, Inc., ) -NEW WORLD warmly welcome the article on Yoga by Mr.Koovalloor. The article is very knowledgable and will help all of us to understand the importance of yoga. Mr.Koovalloor is a very respected person both in American and Indian Communities. We commend him for his enthusiastic work among the people who need timely help and we have to appreciate all the great service he has rendered to the people, without any personal motive. We are also very happy to have Mr.Koovalloor in our Editorial Board.)

In the hurley-burley of every day life, it is much beneficial to practice Yoga. It is interesting to note that in the United States of America people spending a lot of money in health clubs. But, to practice Yoga we don't have to spend that much of money. Once we learned Yoga we don't have to go to any Yoga school in our life time. Actually, it is a life time investment in our life to spend some money to learn the basics of yoga. We can stay away from the doctors ' offices and hospitals, thereby we can save a lot of money in our life time. Is n't it some thing interesting to know about the secrets of life in this modern world! Once we learn Yoga we can practice it any where,according to our convenience either inside our rooms, or out side. Continuous practice is essential to yoga. There are thousands of books in the market about Yoga describing various types of Yoga. We don't have to master all those books, but we can limit to some of them according to our need and health. Any one can learn Yoga without age limit. Yoga is basically a wider science. The impact and importance of Yoga is not very well understood even by the modern science. If we notice carefully, we can easily understand that right from the birth of a child until the child grows to adulthood, how the child practice to get up and walk. The new born children can easily raise their hands and legs and even they can easily bring their legs over their heads without any practice and with great easiness. We also have noticed that some children are sucking their toes without any strain. But an adult needs great practice to do any thing like that even to bring their legs above their head or touch the forehead with their toes. The children plays a lot by lying on their stomach. They can also easily turn around a lot easier. The children does this due to their inborn ability. Actually the Sages in the ancient times, who were being called as "Maharshis" must have watched the children and animals do all those things without any practice or strain. Probably they developed Yoga by watching the children and animals and developed it in later years of their life. There are so many types of Yoga, including Hatha Yoga, which is mostly asanas or postures, Pranayama, which is the art of breathing, Bandhas, which is muscle force, Mudras, which is symbolic gestures, Kriyas , which is the power of thought, etc. BY PRACTICING YOGA, WE CAN EASILY CONTROL OUR BODY AND MI

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