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Thursday, August 7, 2014


Jokes Corner
Over A Cup of Tea
A very loyal and faithful secretary thought that it is the right time to request for a salary raise from her manager. She approached her manager at break time with great hope.
Secretary: Mr. Collins, with my 3 years of service in this company, would you mind if I request for a salary increase?
Mr. Collins: Well, you know very well that there is recession at the moment and I laid off already 3 workers.
Secretary: But I have heard that we had several thousands of profit...
Mr. Collins: Alright, we probably have to talk about that over a cup of coffee tonight at the Ritz Tabaret. Cheers!
The secretary became anxious because she is meeting her boyfriend Gary tonight. Aside from that, she knows the reputation of her Boss with regards to girls.
She went back to her desk with a heavy heart.
Suddenly, the phone rang!
Secretary: R Advertising, Susie speaking...
Other line: Hello, this is Mrs. Collins. May I please speak with the Manager.
Secretary: thinking (I thought Mr. Collins is a bachelor).
Mam, he has a meeting with the board and he said he will just return calls.
Other line: Please leave a message that we will meet in the Ritz tabaret tonight at 7:00 pm instead of tomorrow night.
Secretary: Yes Mam.
When her boss came out...
Susie: Boss, your wife left a message and left her number with me just to be sure.
Boss: Er... Susie, you know about the one you request this morning.. let us discuss it right away over a cup of tea!
by Cynthia Abegail -------------------------------------------

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