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Thursday, August 28, 2014



John:  (Looking at his examination papers, with frustration)
O' what have I done to deserve this tragedy?
Professor Jones:  You haven't done anything.  Everything
was blank!

Husband:  Surprise!  I bought you a beautiful gown...
Wife:  Surprise, here are the divorce papers!
Husband:  But why?
Wife:  On the grounds of nocturnal annual arrival at

James:  Do you know the worst highway in town?
Gregory:  Why, do you like to drive there?
James:  No, for my wife's detour...

Patrol Officer:  I am telling you, this is your 50th traffic offense.
Can't you really slow down?
Lily:  No, Sir!  Slowing down is not my cup of tea.
Patrol Officer:  Well, then take your cup of tea at the police station!

Paul:  How rebellious my GPS is!
Peter:  Why?
Paul:  When the sun shines, it's overactivated and advice is over the top.
When it's winter, it is so depressed that it's advice is down the track.
Peter:  But you reach your destination, it's fine!

Paul:  Sure!  One summer, I was at the top of Mt Macedon.  One winter
I was down the lake...

Cheers:  Cynthia Abegail

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