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Friday, August 22, 2014


(We are all interested to know the places and people.It is a good beginning for our Publication and our Esteemed writer and Editor Cynthia Abegail has done a wonderful job. Hope to publish more features in the coming days.Thanks Cynthia)New World

Persepolis ... in Iran, an ancient city, once capital of
Darius's empire (522-486 BC). The city was
partly destroyed by Alexander the great in
330 BC.
Santiago de Compostela... often referred to as
Spain's holiest place, owing to the burial here of the
Christian apostle, St. James.
Roturua ... in New Zealand, a city on a volcanic plateau
of the North Island. The town and sorrounding region
are famous for their hot springs, geysers and boiling
mud pools.
Taj Mahal ... in India, one of the most beautiful buildings
in the world. This grand mausoleum was built between 1636
and 1653 for Muntaz Mahal, wife of the Emperor, Shah Jahan.
The marble building is inlaid with semi-prcious stones in
beautiful patterns.It has been regarded as one of the Wonders in the World
Waikiki Beach... in USA, Hawaii's prime tourist destination,
with almost a thousand restaurants and bars fronting the
stretch of attractive sandy beach.

Source: Heinemann Atlas, 3rd edition

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