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Saturday, August 16, 2014


North Korea fires rockets as Pope Francis' arrives in South Korea on first Asia trip


"North Korea fired three short-range rockets into the Sea of Japan just before Pope Francis arrived in Seoul on his first visit to Asia.
The Pope will spend five days in South Korea, meeting some of the country's five million Catholics on the first papal trip to the country in 25 years.
The last rocket was fired 35 minutes before Pope Francis was due to touch down.
"North Korea fired three short-range projectiles into the East Sea (Sea of Japan)," a South Korean defence ministry spokesman said.
Pope Francis is expected to send a message of peace to Pyongyang when he conducts a special inter-Korean "reconciliation" mass in Seoul on the last day of his visit.
Church officials in the South had sent several requests to Pyongyang to send a group of Catholics to attend the event, but the North declined the offer, citing its anger at upcoming South Korea-US military drills.
The Catholic Church, like any other religion, is only allowed to operate in North Korea under extremely tight restrictions, and within the confines of the state-controlled Korean Catholics Association."

Thanks to ABC NEWS for this recent article about Pope Francis visit South Korea.
Retrieved 15th of Aug 2014 from ABC News Australia at 7:59 am.  New World

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