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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


(This short story is a wonderful one,which is also funny,human feelings towards animals who give us abundant love in return for taking care of them.A nice,must read story .Thanks Cynthia)New World
Short Story
Aiko is her name.
It was a warm day in summer when my son told me, “Mother, is it possible for you to take care of Aiko.” She is a nine month old creamy white cat with flurry fur and tantalizing feline eyes. I found a lot of excuses such as I am allergic to cat’s fur to the busy schedule of work and family matters as well. After a long deliberation, I finally gave in to my son’s wishes.
It seems to be irresistible for a loving mother.
The next days and nights were full of challenges! This is the first time I have handled a cat because I have evaded them for most of my life. No wonder with such a sensitive skin I have to be dreaded with such a creature! On the first night, I was awakened by strange sounds!
I opened the blinds and guess what I saw! Three handsome looking cats, Joey, King and Shane; Cats of my neighbours. I looked at Aiko (sitting by the window) and she seemed to be amused!
I thought to myself, ”Hmm, this is what you call X- factor among animals!” I am not surprised, her features are sweet and inviting.
The next day, I fed her with normal cat food from the pantry. She did not eat; so I had to rush to the nearby supermarket to buy exquisite ones... What a cat! So fussy like my son; does not settle for second best. This cat starts to amuse me lest pester me!
Through the months, I developed a special bonding with Aiko. When I go home, she is always waiting for me by the window! We played at serene moments, at joyful moments!
The time came that I do not want her to depart from us! With a brave heart I spoke with my son during a light moment. “Son, could I have Aiko?” My son answered, “What a surprise, Mum!
I thought you don’t like cats!” I said, “That was before!” He responded,” You can have her”...
I sighed with relief.
God is wonderful and loving, for the goodness of creation pervades all of His creatures!

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