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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


( Welcome to Ramesh,S  Kallara who is joining our esteemed team of writers of New World Publication.
This is the first poem,we are publishing from Ramesh which is dedicated to 'The Master'.Ramesh has been referred to us by Mr. Titus Poplas, our famous writer who has recently published a series of articles on 'Education' in our 'New World' Mr. Ramesh Kallara has a Masters Degree in Malayalam and presently he is doing his Masters in English literature. Good luck to Mr. Kallara and thanks for joining our team.(New World)(Republishing this beautiful Poem)


May is the cruelest;
Cruelest month of the year
For I know
I must miss you cuckoo
In the wilderness of
Inevitable farewell.
Oh! Honey,
You are the maker of supreme spring
The drizzling of sunny days
With lovely breathe of southern breeze.
You never stop it, the songs,
Until the dusk of darkness comes.
Soothe the dreams of pilgrims
Who take shelter even once in a year
Sat on your graceful garden
Full of colourful blooming buds.
But you gardener! You blessed me,
Even if an ugly flower,
In your fairy garden
That I am glad with all its glory
It would resound year after year till my end.
Oh! The butterflies
Whose wings were shattered
In this bower are lucky
For thy sprits were showered
With verse of a versatility.
Spreading the sweet melody of spiritual wisdom
My cuckoo, sing the song until the last gasp!

( It is a beautifully crafted poem. As the Poet says, we all love the
Spring season. We can enjoy the Spring much more than any other
season because of its grace and beauty. When we compare it with
our life the meaning is very broad. Very good poem)
(Originally published on08/29/10)
With love Ramesh.s


mayilpeeli said...
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mayilpeeli said...

very good poem...nostalgic may...what else 2 a dayz missing d beauty of spring..