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Friday, August 1, 2014


Wasted Love

BY Jeramaine Ilago

Sitting quietly by the window
Waiting for the appearance of a rainbow
Looking for something to heal my sorrow
But it seems my heart had been shot by an arrow

Sadness, loneliness, depression
I have felt from the death of my passion
No hopes, no dreams, no inspiration
Has everything been just an illusion?

I feel mad and disappointed
Like a team in a game defeated
I can't help myself and I cried
As if a thousand people died

One man had thought
That love can never be bought
In his hand love he brought
My heart of stone was caught

But his love came at the wrong time
When in my life love won't shine
And now I realized I've been blind
You and I can never be bind
All rights reserved: Jeramaine Ilago
(Thanks Jeramaine for this poem filled with utter emotion.
Very Good).The best poem is born out of emotion. Excellent New World

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