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Wednesday, August 27, 2014



(A folklore)
( New World is happy to have another contribution to our literary realm, a beautiful and a touching folklore from MOLLY VARGHESE)
Once a lady and her little baby lived in a very rural village near a jungle. She was very poor and had no one to help her. So she lived by herself with her lovely dog.
Every day, she would bathe the baby and put him in the crib and tell the dog to watch over the baby, before she went to the jungle to collect fruits and wood for the fire and cooking.
One day, when she came back from her expedition, she met the dog at the gate. He had blood on his body and face and mouth. The lady got very angry and screamed at the dog, saying that how could he (the dog) hurt her baby whom she loved the most and after taking care of him with such love and care. She was so mad, she took a big stone and threw it on him and killed him. Then she ran into the room looking to see what happened to her baby.
The baby was sleeping peacefully in his crib. There was a big snake was on the floor killed and in a pool of blood. When she saw this, she felt so bad about the foolishness she did and started to cry about the dog, who was so faithful to her.

The moral of this story: Never assume or make judgment, before knowing all the facts.
(Translated from Indian languages: by Molly Varghese, B.Sc. R.N.(THANKS from NEW WORLD)
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