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Saturday, August 23, 2014


( Recently Google has started a great healthcare company namely CALICO(California Company). They have some great ideas to extend the life span of us. They will try to do it keeping us healthy not merely extending the life span. It will be with quality and youthfulness because simply extending the age without us being to able to function will be unwelcome. So Google will try everything to have some quality life extension for all)New World

Idea of reversing the Aging

Many love to remain as young and want to get rid of the aging. Some scientists regard aging as a disease. The modern researches show that if we can keep our cells in a healthy and young stage, we can overcome many of the perils of the 'old age'. In the Discover Magazine of October 2010 very interesting articles have been published and in page 84 it is written about the end of aging. Quoted from it " The End Of Aging ?"If longevity researcher Aubrey de Grey has his way, the life span of a healthy human would hit 1,000 years. Chief Science officer at the SENS Foundation (Strategies for Engineered Negligble Senescence), the wildly bearded de Grey says that other scientists are thinking too small  because they have become mired in reductionist mechanisms and secondary details about how aging works.Rather than tinker with the mechanics of some insulin pathway or hundreds of obscure genes, he wants to clean up all the molecular garbage that is created by normal metabolic processes(like breathing and eating)but not excreted or destroyed.. As a person ages, the accumulated junk-including cholestrol-related molecules in blood cells and proteins aggregated in the brain-increasingly interferes with health, de Grey argues"" just as your house won't work well if you don't take out the trash for a month" Cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's result from the buildup in this view.
De Grey's battle plan ?In a one-two punch, he would deploy microorganisms to dismantle and haul out the molecular trash while delivering engineered gene and therapeutic cells to refrubish cells that have died out and gone unreplaced. His final step would be to combine all the techniques into one injectable brew. When such a treatment is available," adults will die only of the same causes that younger people die from today" he says .
(Republishing from  10/28/2011 New World
*** Some scientists have been able to turn the cells of the older people into younger cells and of the mices' cells too. (G.K.)

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