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Thursday, September 11, 2014



Roxanne is a God-fearing and God-loving but there is something
in her that seems strange. Whenever she meet somebody that
belongs to another religion, she seems to evade. In short, she had
quite some discrimination. I will not blame her for her attitude; her
father had been a preacher and she was trained to read the Bible

Years later, she learned how to drive. We would not say she is an
A-list driver but the fact is she can at least drive. Once, she went
to the busy city at night because she had someone to pick up.
Suddenly, she lost concentration because she got dizzy. In a second,
she almost hit a tram. The car went to a barrier the car was damaged.

It was early evening, about 8:00 pm and she was shaken. She does not
know anybody and she was shaking. She sat on the tram stop waiting
bench and tried to calm herself. Suddenly two young men approached her
and asked, "Are you alright? Hope you are not hurt." Roxanne answered,
"I am quite shaken by the accident, but soon I will be fine." The first young
man looked like the Good Samaritan. David is his name. David gave her
$50.00 in case she does not have money to hail a taxi . Roxanne politely
declined, "Thanks, but I still have couple of dollars for the train." The other
man, Joshua offered her to be accompanied to the train. Roxanne said, "Thanks
for the offer, I really need somebody to accompany me there because it's quite
a distance. It's getting late."

Along the way, she discovered that both are students studying to be doctors in
the main university. Roxanne said, "Oh, both of you are studying there. You
must be brilliant." The two were very humble saying, "It just so happened it is
close to home." Out of curiosity, she asked, "Are you ___(her religion)? The
two replied, "We are____(their religion).

When Roxanne was in the train, she pondered. These two people are so polite
and good. They are not even____. From then on, Roxanne never judged people
according to their religion. She thought," What matters is the heart for God.
What matters, in my perspective is the heart for Jesus. What matters for others
is their own choice. God never judge, so do we. She felt lightness in her heart.
Now she is free from that selfish prejudice. Now, she is a new person. Thanks to
the Almighty God who opened her eyes through David and Joshua.

Morale: As the Lord has not stopped loving us, let us begin to love others unconditionally.
Hope that we get away with isolating ourselves as the good ones. God gives chances to
everybody because of His boundless love and mercy.

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