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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Short Story

Arianna Rose Philip
( Our 5 year Old Arianna has another short story.
She has told the story to her Grandfather and he
has edited it) New World
*** Now in 2013 she is 7 years old- New World Publications 

ONCE upon a time,there was a little girl lived in a village. Her name was Sally.
She had a very beautiful small dog namely Rainbow. Sally and Rainbow
were best friends and always stayed together.
One day all the dogs assembled under an Alps tree for an important
meeting. They wanted to conduct a race of the dogs. The winner
will get a prize.Rainbow wanted to join the race. Since she was
very small,she was afraid she might not win the race. So Sally
prayed to her angel to make Rainbow win the race. The Angel
told Rainbow not to worry. She got the assurance that she
will win the race if she did some work.
So Rainbow practised running a few times. Angel told her to run
slowly in the beginning and try to put long steps after that.
Rainbow followed Angel's advice and practised.
The Race started. All the dogs ran fast for sometime but soon
all of them felt tired.
Rainbow started slow and she was not tired.
After that she ran by putting long steps. Sally and her friends
clapped their hands. The encouragement helped Rainbow to
run faster and putting longer steps.
Alas !! at the end she reached the goal post and won.
All the other dogs felt ashamed.
Sally carried Rainbow and her Prize
They lived happily ever after


1 comment:

CynthiaAbegail said...

Dear Arianna,

What a beautiful and meaningful
short story! I believe that you
are going to be a great writer
in the years to come. Congratulations for your wonderful
Cynthia Abegail