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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Leah packed her bags to go to Santa Rita, a beautiful
but enigmatic city. Teary eyed, she bid goodbye
to her Mum and Dad because she will only see
them twice a year. She passed a scholarship test
to study in the State university, and she will be
pursuing a degree in Geology.
Science! That's it, her favorite subject. Quite a nerd
in all things that pertain to science, she has been
always the envy of her classmates. But, she is just
a normal teen who wants to have some fun from time
to time.
She arrived at her uncle's house where she will stay
for a period of four years. Oh! no, she actually like
to live in the dormitory so she could do what she likes.
But for her Mum, that is only an illusion.
On her first day in Sta Rita, she noticed a curly haired
fair man who looks like David of the Psalms. As
a young lady, she's still prone to having infatuation here
and there. She said to herself, "I don't like anymore
to live in a dormitory. Just imagine, I have someone
here that seems to be heaven-sent as an inspiration."
Leah asked her Mum, "Who is that young looking man
at the gate?" Mum answered, "Well, you still haven't met
Bobby, your second cousin on your Dad's side . Leah
gushed to herself, "Of all men, why should this be my cousin?"
Anyway, she accepted the reality after a week. There you
are, Bobby is kind, loving and a true gentleman
As days passed by, she noticed how caring he is to all of
his cousins. Bobby is of a rare kind, but Leah is not surprised!
She had heard that Bobby's mum is like a saint.
One day, there was a heavy flood in Sta Rita. Leah took the bus
home, but the bus stopped in the main street and she has to walk
across the flood, which is up to her neck. Scared to death; she barely
can swim. But she has to go home, because it's already dusk,
and at about 8:00 pm, it is quite dangerous in this area.
She cried and prayed, "How could I cross this torrential waves?"
Suddenly, she saw a mini-boat coming. Who could that be?
"Bobby, she cried out! How do you know I am here? Bobby
replied, I know your timetable and you go home at this particular
time. The weather is bad and the flood keeps raging. I thought
about you, so I drove out this mini-boat that I always prepare
for emergency."
Leah sighs, "Am I that so important to you?" Bobby smiled, "Why
not, you are my cousin... blood of my blood!" Leah just looked
at her and smiling, "You are really a Romero, the valiant, brave
and compassionate!" I like to have a long chat with you, let's go...
Morale: Cousins are God's gifts to us. We can share our innermost
feelings to them. What more, they assist us in time of trouble!
Blood is really thicker than water.
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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