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Thursday, September 25, 2014


(This is another love poem dedicated to lovers and couples, young and old alike!Cynthia.) Our readers love your poems, Cynthia(New World)

If I Have To

If I have to wait unfathomable time,
To stand by the wuthering heights
View a glimpse of thy velvet eyes,
A winsome smile melting the ice...

If I have to hold my gasping breath,
To embrace you in sublime dreams
See thy gentle ways beyond compare,
By the hilly top amidst fog and mist...

If I have to shoot arrows by the sea,
That it may reach beyond the borders
Message the fickle heart, yet unravels,
Overcame by soft waves that murmurs!

If I have to fly like an eagle many miles,
To see the shadow of your countenance
A subtle touch, mesmerizing maidens,
Dignified, yet so human by the heart!

If I have to soar the blue yonder sea,
Search by the coral reefs of beauty...
Amidst the sponges and sea shells,
Beyond the mantle of limestone so white...

If I have to climb the tallest mountain,
With evergreen and banyan trees
Soothing the deep recesses of the soul,
Gifts of God, consoling and refreshing...

If that what it takes to see you,
I will wait, my beloved one...
If that's what it costs to meet you,
I will wait by the sea, my love!

All rights reserved by Cynthia Abegail
(A very beautiful Poem,indeed,Cynthia) New World Editorial Board
What a wonderful and sweet melodious poem Cynthia(George)

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