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Tuesday, September 23, 2014



"Catherine, come here!" Mrs Gomez shouted at the top of her voice.
" What in the world are you doing in your computer for about two hours?"
Catherine's mother said. Catherine replied, "Oh Mum, I saw him again!
"Who is that man, he seems quite old for you!" Mrs Gomez said with
exasperation! Catherine gushed, "Mum, have you fell in love?" Her
mother replied dryly, "Well, of course, that's why I am married now!"
Catherine responded joyfully, "That's why you will understand how I feel!"

Catherine's mum said, "I will understand if you fell in love with a real person,
not for just a picture in the computer screen! Catherine gushed again, "Oh
mum, it is already modern age now. Hes just gorgeous! Look at his eyes,
so expressive. Catherine's mum with frustration replied, "Stop that madness
or your dad will know about it! Catherine almost yelled, "Oh no! Not to dad,
he will not understand this first love of mine! Catherine's mum said, "There
you go, and you think I will understand this impossible antic of yours. Catherine
went out with a pout.

Then, Catherine's mum had a heart to heart talk with her daughter. "Catherine,
you see, you have not seen him in person! Catherine replied, "But we wrote each
other!" Trust me mum, he is so kind! I really fell in love with him. Catherine's
mum said, "Alright I will agree with you if I see him personally." Oh, Mum
He is in Europe! Catherine's mum replied, "Tell him to come here if his intentions
are true.

Catherine sighed, "I will tell him to have a holiday here! That's right! I will see
him again, but this time in person! Thanks mum, your a great and smart mum.

Morale: God first, then mum and dad knows best for our future!

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