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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


John does not know how to hug his wife to show his love.  Every
night, she was wearing these huge rollers that has pointed ends.
Her face is so soft, full of mudpack of various colours, green for
avocado, yellow for egg and black for clay!  Irritated, he shouted,
"Is there any wife out there available without mudpack!  I am
leaving now, now!!!  The wife got the nerves and rushed to
the bathroom when she tripped over the cat's food!  His husband
said, "That complete your mudpack!"  Goodbye!

Jane:  I was wondering about our energy provider.  After a month,
I got a bill of $500.00.  I economize, we did not use lights for a
month, only TV.  After a month, the bill became $700.00!


Wife:  Remember when we had our honeymoon in Karamai Islands!
Husband:  Hmm.  What about it?
Wife:  How you hug me by my waist so tightly!  I miss that!
Husband:  How can I?  It is already 72 inches!!!


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