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Monday, September 22, 2014



Student 1: Have you heard about this new
school in the next suburb?
Student 2: You mean the school near Mt.
Student 1: There are no written exams!
Student 2: Wonderful!
Student 1: How do you get a mark?
Student 2: You just have to plough the fields
down the slope daily for 8 hours...
Husband: Darl, I am very sick.
Wife: Why will you not get sick if you're home
only at dawn?
Husband: Don't worry, I will go home early
when I get well. Could you please
pass on that tablet.
Wife: Yes, dear.
Husband: I did not mean the rat poison tablet!
Wife: Is it?
Joanna was looking at historic paintings in Galilee
when she realised her company with the tour
guide went off already. She panicked because
she had no idea about this place. Realising that
fear will even makes things worse, she tried to
remain calm. She forgot her mobile!
Joanna: (knowing the tour will proceed to the
Sea of Galilee) asked for directions.
She walked on the beach but did not find them
but instead found footprint on the sand. She
remembered the poem, "Footprints on the Sand"
She only found one footprint.
She blushed to herself, "I am really in big trouble."

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