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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Law of Karma – “Value Systems for Success”

Two types of Human Intellect..

Here is a man who is holding a donkey. He says “I possess this donkey.” Does he posses the donkey or does the donkey possess him? The proof is snap the rope and see who follows whom! The man will be running after the animal, the donkey will not follow him. So, when you claim that you posses something, the truth is just the opposite. You are equally possessed and obsessed by the same object you possess! Therefore, develop a spirit of dispossessiveness in all your possessions and relationships.
Whence have you come? What is your origin? What were you before you were born? Just a fetus! What were you before the fetus formed? Just a sperm! What about before the sperm was formed? May be food; because from food that you eat the sperm is formed. Who you were in your last birth? Thus, if you continue to analyze your life in this manner, you reach an unfathomable continuum. We do not know where we have come from and where we are going from here. We merely exist under the spell of ignorance.
Mathew Arnold beautifully depicts this as follows: “Life is like an arrow shot from the darkness, flutters in the light for a while and goes back into the darkness.
In our short span of life, we are not concerned about the mission of existence. So he asks us to enquire: Who you are? Where have you come from? Where we are going? Oh Brother, think of that truth here!

“Value Systems for Success” by M K Angajan
Material world has no limitation; still we all are running after the material world. In the process, we always forget to live ourselves. When we realize that we have forgotten to live ourselves, it will be too late. So live the short span of GOD gifted beautiful life happily!

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