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Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Before the Spanish colonization, the simple nipa hut
has been the dwelling of Filipinos. The nipa hut is
is made of bamboo and wood; with palm thatch as
its roof. It is pragmatic in a sense because it is
cool in warm weather and it is easily repaired
if destroyed by typhoons.

On the other hand, the Spanish brought their forms
of architecture from their country. Some are the stone
house and fortresslike baroque churches. The Filipinos
combined Spanish features and Philippine style to new
homes particularly the one with capiz-shell windows and
ultra large living room, so elegant and cosy.

The American period was full of neoclassical architecture
now evident in government buildings as Manila City Hall
and other state offices. Designs of new beautiful landscapes
also emerged, such as the Metropolitan Theater in Manila.
In the 1970's, Leandro Locsin -- gifted in architecture
designed the Cultural Centre of the Philippines. As of
recent times, the modern city landscape comprise of
skyscrapers such as corporate buildings in Makati and
residential towers near Manila

Source: Bloom, Grosberg, Jealous and Kelly. Philippines.

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