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Sunday, September 28, 2014


There are times when God allows suffering and pain to touch my life, and I try to avoid it, spit it out of my life, but God does not allow me to do that. He scoops it right up and puts it back in my life. There are times when God in His wisdom knows how necessary it is for my growth to walk a certain difficult path, or deal with a difficult situation. At those times He does not shield me from the path or situation, but with deep love allows me to walk in them. God knows that through that suffering and pain, through that difficulty, I will learn to trust Him more, I will grow stronger to face life more confidently. He knows also that pain in my life will make me sensitive to the pain and difficulties of others.

We had a plan for the way in which Sarah’s day would go. We planned the day in a way that would best suit Sarah, she ate at regular intervals, slept at a particular time, had her bath and played at different times too. We kept this plan for her because we knew it was good for her to have this discipline in her life. As she grew older, she began to reveal that she had a mind of her own and did not want to do certain things when we wanted her to do them, but we never gave into her, we teased, laughed, fussed but made her keep the schedule or plan that we had worked out because we knew it was best for her growth and well being…… One day she would reap the wisdom of our plan!

God too has a plan for my life, and He knows in His infinite wisdom that His plan is the best one for me. I may not like what He has planned, often His Will is unacceptable to me, but when I trustingly obey Him no matter how difficult, I can see the wisdom of His Plan. Growth comes to each of us, not from our happy and problem-free times, but from our moments of grief, suffering, the pain we feel when we are called to obey the Word of God and Plan of God. .

There is the valuable lesson of forgiveness that I have learnt from Sarah. She never remembers the “difficult” days of the medicines, the “difficult” times when we refused to carry her, she never remembers or held against us the plan we made her keep, she was so ready to “forgive” to hold her small arms up and allow us to cuddle her! No anger, no bitterness…
(Thanks Jane, a touching and meaningful story.  Very good!). New World.

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