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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


My Friend, A Mystic
SHORT STORYOne day of spring, I met a lady in her forties. I will not
say that she is stunning, but she has that soulful eyes
of a saint. She has a fair complexion, with a robust and
healthy body and speak so gently and sweetly. This is
the first time I met such kind of lady because most of
my friends are those typical independent women who
have strong personalities. She is one of a kind.
I remembered Susie, a tall lady with a platinum blonde hair.
Remember, how I walk so slowly like a maiden from the Orient.
Probably, I was influenced by this woman who walked with
her head up high like a tower. She walks briskly and when she looks
at you, she seems to say, "I mean business." Now, I walk a little
bit faster than normal. Oh, thanks I still have my foot on the ground
and my head has still a just demeanor. Anyway, Rowena is really
one of a kind.

She is not an ordinary lady; gifted with wisdom and knowledge. Do
you know that she recites about two rosaries a day and she also
attend Mass about five times a week because she is not working.
How she serves the Lord, with zeal and great reverence! I am really
blessed to become close to her as I learned how warm and loving
she is.

I can feel she has a good relationship with the Lord by the way she
carries herself and by the values she cherish. Once, an old lady was
so depressed; she patiently visited and consoled her for a year.
I went with her sometimes and how she loved the widow!
There was a time I invited her to attend a reflection about the Book
of Revelation: "The woman crowned with the stars... an allusion
to Blessed Mother Mary." We enjoyed a lively discussion and after
an exhaustive meditation, we are ready to go home!

As we are already in the car, she said to me, "Mary Rose, look at the sky:
"The woman crowned with the stars, Blessed Mother." I was surprised,
"Really?" At first, it was quite hazy! I looked again and she was right...
I have great faith but this is something really amazing. I looked at her
and she seems to be enjoying looking at her... I sighed, "She is truly a
mystic as I have heard from others."

My beloved friend... Rowena, a mystic! Now I know and I have witnessed,
"The knowledge have been given to those who are like children, the ones
who have complete trust and total surrender to God."

Thanks, Oh Lord, you have blessed me with a friend who is so close to you,
a mystic! Rowena is her name.

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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