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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


( The story forwarded by Mr. Abdul Punnayurkulam is a great talented writer. He writes both in English and Malayalam languages. The Poems and stories written by Mr. Punnayurkulam are famous and he has received many awards. He is holding some important positions in LANA(Literary Association Of North America, an Organization for promoting Malayalam Literature and also chaiman of a Judging Panel for selecting the best Malayalam stories and Novels. We are lucky to have Mr. Punnayurkulam in our esteemed writers' team.)New World
story Abdul

Recently, a middle-aged Italian guy moved next door to Tony. Tony was very irritated about his move because the neighbor kept staring at him through the window every chance he got. Three weeks ago, the neighbor abandoned his wife and children for no apparent reason. He then began to act suspicious.
These days, the Italian neighbor doesn’t go to work. He walks around his house like a ghost. Most of the time, his red sports Ferrari GTS is visible in the garage. He rarely goes outside. Whenever he does go out, he immediately returns after buying pizza or other things. He only reaches out his hand for a moment to grab the newspaper or mail.
He nervously paces back and forth in his house. Perhaps it is from the tension of missing his wife and children, or maybe feels guilty for deserting them.
It seems his second German shepherd is nowhere to be seen. After the neighbor lost his first dog, he distributed reward fliers everywhere. For his second dog, he didn’t even place a single poster. Those dogs and a half dozen baby rabbits used to play in his spacious backyard with his children. Now, all of them have disappeared. Tony worried about what happened to them…
The neighbors have been complaining about an awful odor from his backyard. He opposed it vehemently.
Tony’s anxiety began escalating. He moved towards the phone… hesitates for a moment… should he call the police? Unable to make up his mind, he appears restless like a dog in a cage. As a good citizen, he believed it was his duty to complaint against unjust actions.
Tony’s mind engulfed with stormy thoughts. People are doing inhumane things that distressed him. Perhaps, the Italian murdered his wife and children…?
No… Never!
It is a sin to even think of such gruesome things. It’s clear--neighbor wife was walking in front of this house with the children. At that time, she was holding one of the children’s hand and crying!
Tony again examined his thoughts. If the neighbor had done something wrong, how could nobody report the horrible incident…? Tony couldn’t comfort himself.
Finally, Tony telephoned the police and reports each of the neighbor’s suspected cruelties. After Tony talked to the police, he felt very relaxed.
Within minutes, a police car stopped in front of Tony’s house with two police officers.
Impatiently waiting, Tony approaches the police car, and introduced himself. He didn’t seem cold, though he was only wearing a T- shirt in the freezing weather. He again accused the neighbor’s heinous crimes.
One of the officers asked, “Where is the house?”
Tony pointed his finger in front of his house a vacant lot.
Both officers looked at where Tony indicated…
One officer gently said. “ Sir, there is no house in sight.”
Tony pulled out a paper from his pocket and showed sketch of a house with its address. After looking at it, one officer softly said, “Sir, according to your complaint, we searched the address through out the city, but we couldn’t locate it.”
Tony attempted to say something. Before he started, an officer tactfully asked him, “If you don’t mind, can we take a quick look inside your house?”
Tony shrugged his shoulders.
When the officers entered the house, they smelled an unpleasant odor. They followed the odor to the basement without telling Tony anything.
In the basement, there was an unbearable smell that penetrated their nostrils. The officers stared at each other…
After the officer radioed for assistance, they started to examine the area.
There were hanging bodies of Tony’s German Shepherds and rabbits.
Blood stained organs were scattered all over the floor.
The backup officers arrived without delay and went straight to basement.
In the living room Tony was watching at the TV passively.
After the investigation, the officers approached Tony and said in a professional manner, “You are under arrest for animal abuse and cruelty.” While the officer read Tony’s rights, he kept on talking about theneighbor’s brutal killings.
(republished from 9/25/10)

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