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Sunday, September 28, 2014



1. What is the name of the snow-capped peaks in
East Africa, cosidered to be the "mountains of the
moon" of the ancient Greeks?
2. Who wrote "The Merchant of Venice" and "The
Comedy of Errors"?
3. A kibbutz is a collective farm or settlement in
what country?
4. Oporto -- a word that has French, Spanish,
Portuguese or Italian origin?
5. Name the archipelago with 83 volcanic islands
in the South Pacific.
6. In the Song of Songs, where is King Solomon
seems to be coming to meet her bride?
7. Where is the curent Tennis Open being held
this month?
8. The square of 500 is ______. (No calculator)
9. When the rivers flow into Lake Eyre's salt-encrusted
lands, _________ (birds) inhabit it.
10. A cat-o-nine tails is a type of animal. True or False?


1. Ruwenzori
2. William Shakespeare
3. Israel
4. Portuguese
5. Vanuatu
6. desert
7. Australia
8. 250,000
9. pelicans
10. False

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