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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Life in Wendy's hometown is not drab at all.
It's not like busy New York
or with the hustle and bustle of Hongkong. People seem to take their
time and the clock wait for them not the other way around.
Mothers enjoy their haggling in the markets for all of the
discounts and fun. Students walk as if the bell will never
ring. Office workers have time to have that idle chatter in the
cafe before work.
This is now the reckoning day...
Wendy migrated to one of industrialised nations in the world one day in spring.
There is no turning back; she sold everything including her house less her husband
and children as she will not be able to travel without them.
 As they step down the tarmac,
Wendy's mind is full of her dreams in this country of promise.
They arrived in the city by Sunday noon and she was surprised. She thought
that there would be heaps of skyscrapers but there are more gothic buildings
of classy and ornate features. Then she saw thousands of people walking in
the streets. Oh! it was a football finals.
Later, they settled in a town about thirty kilometers from the city, found work
and juggled family and career. She manage to be friends with about a quarter of
the population. At a certain point, she was as busy as a bee with all of the invitations
from her friends.
It was euphoric for her to mingle with many associates since she suffered homesickness
at a chronic level. Soon, she went out of the house most nights to fill up the gap of her
maiden family. Little did she know that quenching her thirst for her loved
ones will spiral her into devastation and chaos. She felt utterly sad about the decay of
everything in her life but she knew she missed the mark.
Before everything goes into tragedy, Wendy came into her senses and she started to
amend her life. She went out once to her garden and she saw the wilting posies and roses.
She tended the garden for about a month and started to "smell the roses." She thought,
"This is life; one does not have to rush but walk gently on the footpath."
Next, she started to have more time with her family. No more nights out but just
occasionally if her family is not affected. Luke, Matthew, Ramil and Salome, her children
were happier now. She also alloted more time for prayer and devotion.
Soon, she learned how to balance her time for family, work and fun. She run to me once
and with warm embrace, she whispered... "Thanks for the advice while it is not too late."

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

(It is really a nice story. We all have devotion to our family and at the same time to the nature. It is always a pleasure to get involved with the nature by enjoying the beauty. God has given us beauty everywhere in the nature. Wendy has found the real pleasure in enjoying the beauty of nature as well as loving her family spending most of the time with all the members.Good story with a great lesson.Thanks Cynthia) New World

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