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Friday, September 5, 2014


( Our readers are familiar with the Poems, stories and articles written by Molly Varghese Pazhanchira. We have published many of the items published previously in the "New World". The famous and talented writer Molly Varghese has sent us a great story posted below....please read and enjoy.... The story, no doubt, has many great morals we have to adhere) New World


This is what The Bible say! Meaning, what ever we want or expect, we should sow, right?

If we sow Truth, we will reap the Truth,

If we sow Trust, we will reap the Trust.
If we sow compassion, we will harvest compassion from all around us!
If we sow goodness, we will reap friendship,
If we sow humility and humbleness, we will reap greatness!
If we sow patience, we will be treated with respect,
If we have tolerance, we will reap contentment,
If we have an open mind, we will have vision about the future,
If we work hard, we will achieve progress and ultimately victory,
If we show forgiveness, we will have peace in our heart,
If we sow faith in the Lord, we will harvest for ever!

Does anyone care about these words, now a days? No, I don’t think so! People are looking for instant gratification and use their own weapons of power to control others. In the present times, how is Truth and good deeds are viewed and valued? Something to think about!

Once, there was a millionaire merchant. When he realized that he was getting old and tired, he decided to select a follower to look after his business and wealth. He announced this among all his children and other officials who worked in his firm. Everyone wondered if it was going to be him, or whom else. One day, the big boss called the selected few to his office. He gave each of them a few seeds and a pot to plant the seeds and grow the plants. He told them that it depends of the growth of the plants he would decide who his successor be.
Everyone took the seeds, planted them and looked after them with water and manure. Everyone’s plants were growing and giving flowers and fruits, except of one officer in the firm. When the day come for everyone to bring the plants to the big boss, they were all happy to show the plants and praised how they took care of their plants. The one person, whose plant never grew in spite of doing everything, was afraid to bring his pot and show to the boss. But the boss called him and asked him what had happened. Fearfully he explained that he tried everything he knew to grow this plant, but it never grew and that he was very sorry that he failed.

The millionaire announced that this was the person to run his business in future. Others stood there in shock that this man got the honor and his plant never grew. The big Boss announced that he was the only honest person there, that the seeds given to them were boiled and dried, and that they could never grow.

See, the Truth will always win, and when we show respect, compassion and honesty, it will come back to us in abundance.

(Translated by: Molly Varghese B.Sc, RN)
Freehold, NJ

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