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Monday, September 22, 2014


(The following article has been published in the "The Futurist Update  Jan-Feb.2011,of The World Future Society. It was written by Mr. Vladimir Mironov. The future of medicine is very important for all of us.The Future of Medicine: Are Custom-Printed Organs on the Horizon?
(Vladimir Mironov is an associate professor and director of the Advanced Tissue Biofabrication Center at the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology.Medical University of South

 Please read.....)New World

In Vivo Bioprinting: A Scenario

A famous football player injures his knee during a mid-season game. The diagnosis is severe cartilage damage. This injury will sideline him for the rest of the season—and most likely end his ­career.
However, his doctors tell him about a new in vivo bioprinting clinic in Charleston, South Carolina, that may be able to help. An appointment is made.
At the start of the operation, four endoscopic devices are introduced into the star athlete’s knee cavity. One has a miniature camera attached to it that enables the operating surgeon to see, the second provides laser technology, a third device eliminates tissue, and the fourth injects living stem cells isolated from the patient’s fat tissue and suspended in hydrogel.
The robot, controlled by a surgeon visually monitoring the procedure, removes the damaged cartilage using a tissue plasma evaporator. Next, the patient’s own stem cells mixed with photo-sensitive hydrogel are injected into the area and immediately ­polymerized by the laser beam. Finally, the endoscopic operating tools are removed and the injured skin is sprayed with a mixture of self-assembling skin cells suspended in hydrogel.
The entire operation takes just over 20 minutes. Afterwards, the patient stands up, walks out the door, and heads home, without feeling any pain. He shows up to football practice the next day.

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