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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


(Please do'nt miss to read this exciting story of Mr. Spencer)New World


“Let me tell you about Mahabali."
 Grandpa sipped some more hot tea.

“Thank you very much my Grandpa. You are very sweet and kind”
 After telling that, Spencer kissed Grandpa.

Grandpa took time to explain the story of Onam and about Mahabali.
Grandpa started
"Once upon a time, there was a great Emperor of Kerala,namely Mahabali. He was belonged to Hindu religion. Mahabali was really a great ruler who loved his subjects very much. He also was a very just as a ruler. Very soon his fame spread around the whole world and also reached to the heaven where the hindu gods and goddesses were residing. The norm at that time was, the person who is that good like the Mahabali could ascend to the throne of the King of all the gods in heaven. Indra was the king of gods and he was afraid of losing his throne to Mahabali very soon. So he ran to Mahavishnu, the Lord,and the Supreme GOD for help. Since, Mahabali was only a human and to ascend him to be the king of gods was also a problem. So Mahavishnu,the Supreme GOD decided to interfere in it and promised to help Indra.

So one day, Mahavishnu, the GOD came down to earth to visit the Palace of Mahabali. He had changed his appearance as a midget andtook a name VAMANA who made a request for a meeting with Mahabali. When he met Mahabali, he requested for a small boon which was a very simple one”.

Then Grandpa again sipped some more tea.

“ It is really interesting Grandpa, do you want me to bring you more hot tea,Grandpa ?”

Then at that moment, Grandma came in. “Oh you two are talking. Spencer, your breatfast is ready. Here there is some more hot tea for Grandpa.”

“Thank you. Let me pour the tea for Grandpa. “ He started taking the tea cup from Grandma.”Grandma,let me pour the tea. I will eat the breakfast a little later ,if you don’t mind. The Onam story is very interesting. Let me hear the rest, Grandma.”

“That is fine,spencer.” Then she went to read the morning newspaper.

“Then what happened Grandpa ? What was that boon ?”

“It was only three feet of land”

“ That was very simple in nature, Mahabali thought. So he gladly agreed to give the three feet of land anywhere he chose.”

Mahabali was very happy .

Midget was very happy.

The moment Mahabali agreed,Vamana the midget grew very large and his head touched the heaven !!!

Of course, Mahabali was surprised. Then immediately he realized the midget was not an ordinary person but was the Lord, the Supreme GOD.!!

The Lord measured the two feet which covered the entire earth and heaven. There was nothing left for the third foot to measure on. !!Mahabali knew that Vamana is really the Lord. So immediately Mahabali kneeled down in front of the Lord and requested him to put his leg on his head to measure for rest of the three feet. The Lord placed his leg on the head of Mahabali and immediately the earth parted in two and Mahabali went down inside the earth. Mahabali knew that to get the foot of the Lord on his head was a blessing which would even make him really a blessed person who will have a seat in heaven. So Mahabali was really happy.”

That is very interesting Grandpa. Then what happened later ?”

“I will tell you,Spencer”

“Thank you,thank you Grandpa.

(Will continue in Part-III)

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