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Friday, October 24, 2014



Grandma prepared food for Spencer and his friends before leaving to Staten Island. Grandpa and Grandma told Spencer to eat some food with his friends before they return from Staten Island.Grandpa knew that there is always traffic on the way to Staten Island,in New York and Spencer and his friends should not be hungry if there is delay on the way. Spencer told that he would take care of the food with his friends.

While Grandpa and Grandma were away to Staten Island, Spencer and his friends assembled under the Cherry tree behind the house ,their usual meeting place.There was cool breeze and the sky was clear.They always loved the clear blue sky.
 Spencer gladly told his friends Grandpa’s Onam story . He described the events which had taken place in Kerala when his Grandpa was very young. Spencer's friends were surprised at the story and admired Grandpa and his family for showing mercy to the sick and the poor.
 At the end of their meeting they accepted a proposal from Spencer. There is a Church nearby where so many homeless people come to get some food. Spencer and friends wanted to take their food which had already been prepared by his Grandma and give to the Church, so that the homeless people can be fed .There was a Kerala Priest in charge of the Church. They knew it will be a special treat because of Onam and they can oblige with the tradition of Onam that no one goes hungry.
 They all joined together and gladly packed their food and went to the St. George’s Church and gave the food to the person in charge of the soup kitchen.The Vicar and other members of the Church assembled, hearing the news. They thanked Spencer and his friends. Spencer did not forget to tell the story of Onam to all of them and how his Grandpa treated the poor and the sick. They were all happy listening to that story.

When Grandpa and Grandma returned from Staten Island, they had a message on their telephone  answering machine from Fr. Philip, C, the Vicar of the St.George’s Church thanking them for the food. They did not understand what had happened. 
 They were surprised but happy when they heard the news but were a little puzzled. They did not understand what was going on. So they called Fr. Phylip,C, who is a cousin of Grandma and asked for the detail.
 When Grandpa and Grandma understood what Spencer and his friends did, they were not only happy but were proud of them for such a wonderful act of mercy. They honoured Spencer and his animal friends in the presence of all the guests who had assembled for the Onam celebrations with Grandpa and Grandma.

Fr. Phylip C visited the house and offered some gifts for Spencer and his friends while thanking them again.

Grandpa was happy

Grandma was happy

Tears of joy came from their eyes .Surely they had a very special Onam that year.


Copyright: George Kurian, Author)


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