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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Before Mahabali wentdown  inside the Earth, Mahabali requested a boon for him which was gladly granted by the Lord. Mahabali could return to Kerala once a year to visit his subjects.On the day Mahabali's visit to Kerala is the day of 'Onam'. It is made sure that all the people are treated alike and there should not be anyone goes hungry. All the people should have enough food. So before the day of Onam, all the people will be preparing their houses with decorations. They will also decorate their courtyard with flower beds. There will be dances and so many festivities. Relatives come together to eat together on the day of Onam. Everyone will be very happy and joyful.That is what Mahabali loves to see and every year his wish is fulfilled because people unite and join the festivities."
To spencer it is a thrilling stoy and he thanked his grandpa for telling this wonderful story.

Hearing Mahabali’s story, Spencer got excited. “I love Mahabali, Grandpa, I really want to meet the great Mahabali. If we can somehow arrange a meeting with him, that will be really cool.” Granpa smiled and he gently rubbed on his forehead. Spencer always loved when Granpa affectionately put his hands on him. Grandpa answered Spencer,” To meet Mahabali on the day of Onam, we have to go to Kerala but one day we can arrange an Onam in our house and invite Mahabali to be present here. However I am going to tell you a wonderful event happened during an Onam celebration at Kerala. Before we meet Mahabali, it is good to hear some story and learn the real Onam message too.”

“I love to hear that story Grandpa.”

“ No problem, I will tell you that.”

“Thank you Grandpa.”

Grandpa started the story.” When I was young….” Spencer interrupted Grandpa by asking him a question. “ Grandpa, you are telling me that you were young.” He exclaimed

“Yes, my dear Spencer. I was once young like you.”

“Hmmmmm…fine Grandpa fine, what happened then…”Spencer became very curious.

In one year…. On the previous day of the Onam festivals, my mother cooked a lot of food.” Spencer became curious again.
 He asked Grandpa, “hey my Grandpa…you are telling me that you had a mother too ?” The news was a great surprise to Spencer that his Grandpa had a mother.

“Yes my dear. Just as you have a mother, I had a mother when I was born in Kerala,India.”

“That is good Grandpa….the food your mother cooked must have been very delicious,right ?”

“Sure. My mother always cooked good food , just as your Grandma cooks.”

“I wish I taste your Mother’s food. May be when we go to Kerala for Onam.”Spencer told. Grandpa was a little sad. He sipped some more tea and heaved a sigh Spencer knew his Grandpa was a little upset. He asked,“Grandpa what happened ? I am sorry if I hurt your feelings…”

“This is all destiny. When my mother became old she got sick and died .She went to our God Almighty’s house to live for ever.One day I will go there too. Your Grandmother and all others too…”

“Grandpa….I don’t want to let you go anywhere leaving me. Not even my Grandma or others too. Otherwise, if you all go , I will come with you. I don’t want to be left alone here.”

“Thank you for your love, Spencer. Now I will continue my story.”

“Yes Grandpa,yes , that is good.”

“My mother cooked a lot of food for so many people including some of my friends. Before some of our guests came to our house, my parents had to go to a house of one of our relatives since someone was sick. They left me in our house with some of my friends from the neighborhood. They were very good friends ,loving and trustworthy. You know Spencer , what we did ? One of our friends was very poor.His parents were sick and unable to cook .I felt sympathy for them and I decided to do something. When I asked my friends, they told me that they were ready to help me. We decided to take some food to them. I wanted permission from my Mother but there was no telephone at that time in our house. So we thought for a little while and decided on a good plan. We all would give up our share of the food and give that share to our poor friend’s parents. All of us were happy to do it. We collected our share of the food and went to our friend’s house. His parents were very happy to see us and very grateful for the food we had brought to them. They thanked us and also my parents. We left after spending a few minutes with them. As soon as we returned to my house, to my surprise, the poor friend’s parents sent their younger son with a bunch of ripened banana for us inorder to show their gratitude. When my parents came back after visiting our relatives they heard everything what happened. They were very happy and they hugged all of us. My parents shared food with my friends and also the bananas we got from the poor friends’ house. Also my parents immediately went to the poor friend’s house and presented them with some money for the treatment of his parents”

Spencer was thrilled with the story. He told,” Grandpa, I am really happy to hear the beautiful story. Also I am very, very happy to know that your parents were very good and generous like you , Grandpa.”Spencer kissed his Grandpa and hugged him

“ Thank you Spencer, my parents were very charitable.”

“Grandpa I am happy that I am living with you. May God bless you and your family.”

“Thank you very much Spencer. God bless you too.” Then Grandma asked Spencer” Are you coming with us to Staten Island ? We were invited by my friend and her husband whom you call Appooppan And Ammoomma. Also Pete, the dog , your friend is there. Tomorrow we connot go anywhere. We have guests coming.” Spencer took a few moments and replied.” I want to accompany you to Staten Island but I want to spend some time with my friends of the neighborhood, McDuff the dog next door, Curtis the Cat ,the rat family  ,the squirrel and the Rabbit. I want to tell the story to them what Grandpa told me about the Onam. They will be very happy to hear. Please give my love to Appooppan,Ammoomma , Chettans and Pete,the dog , my friend.”

“That is fine Spencer. We will be leaving a little early so that we can return in the early evening.”

Grandma went to the kitchen to finish some more cooking and Grandpa started reading the daily newspaper. Then Grandma got a telephone call from her friend in Staten Island reminding their visit.
 PLEASE DO'NT MISS THE CONCLUSION: (Will continue in Part IV-Conclusion)

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