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Friday, October 17, 2014


(So many great jokes:laughter is the best exercise.THANKS)New World


Johnny will be electrocuted at 1500 standard time.
The warden, with a melancholic voice went to his
cell and spoke with him.
Warden: Since this is the day of your electrocution,
you may ask anything you would like to eat.
Johnny: I feel a desire to eat grapes!
Warden: Well, can you request something else?
It is out of season...
Johnny: I can wait.

A Swiss millionaire, an icon of watchmakers received a
letter from the bank.

Insufficient funds!
Not you, us!!!

Mr. Matthews, a pathological drunkard visited a new
liquor shop...
Salesperson: Good afternoon, welcome to our new
Mr. Matthews: Welcome to Jellicoe community.
Salesperson: What would you like?
Mr. Matthews: A brandy...
Salesperson: @25% or 35% alcohol?
Mr. Matthews: 35% please.
Salesperson: 500 ml or 750 ml?
Mr. Matthews: The more, the better...
Salesperson: Fruit based or not?
Mr. Matthews: No Please!
Salesperson: Light coloured or dark...
Mr. Matthews: Don't worry, I quit the habit!

Mr and Mrs Williams are walking to St. James park.
Suddenly, a gorgeous brunette passes by. Mr. Williams, a
lover of beauty stared at her intently!
Mrs. Williams: How dare you looking at that lady?
Mr. Williams: O' Darl, I am just getting an idea for my next painting!
and what's wrong with looking?
Mrs Williams: That's not looking, that's devouring!

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