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Saturday, October 25, 2014



Annie is on her final year of surgery's assistant course.

She is so delighted to be with Dr. Williams, a renowned

brain surgeon.

She is quite nervous at 1500 standard time when Mrs.

Thomas is having her enlarged brain tumor removed.

She prepared with frantic all of the necessary instruments

for the awaited surgery.

Dr. Williams: Scalpel...

Annie handed in...

Dr. Williams: Scissor

Annie gently gave it...(Looks at Dr. Williams, thinking to

herself "Dr. Williams is so handsome, I did not realize).

Dr. Williams: Boring drill (for the skull).

Annie handed in gracefully... still musing!

Dr. Williams: I said drill not an axe!
A golfer with high ambitions converses with his caddy...
Golfer: I would move heaven and earth to win this tournament.
Caddy: Well, try heaven...You have moved all the earth already!
A French girl attended her appointment with a psychiatrist.

She is suffering from persecution complex.

Girl: Dr., I always cry everyday. All of the people hate me

and the whole world hates me.

Psychiatrist: Not really. The people of

France maybe, but not the whole world!

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