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Saturday, October 18, 2014


(Only a very talented writer can write such a beautiful poem. Please do not miss reading this excellent poem)New World


Missed the days of that journey
Struck by an arrow from somewhere
A puzzle lay ahead of everwinding road!
Heart beats a thousand times

Pale as the creamy champagne
Pulse so loud as chamberlain...
Eyes not bleak but radiant
Cheeks rosy as the sunset beyond...

Lips whispering sweet nothings!
I did not meant to hurt you...
I miss you, really I do!
I just have to go to forget...

Forget the sweet days of yearning
Secret unraveling with meaning
Missed the days were together...
When will I forget you?

I asked the flowers, shook their petals.
I asked the ocean, waved incessantly.
Sheltered in a cave, memory lingers...
I asked the spring, never knows
Not losing hope, when my love?

All rights reserved Cynthia Abegail

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