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Sunday, October 26, 2014



(Another beautiful story from our Cynthia.Excellent. Only the victims can really feel the horror of an earthquake or eruption of Volcano. Cynthia has vividly described it but how the faith held the family together from great disaster.)New World
Just an ordinary day! Ellen woke up on the right side of the bed... She pulled the lacy
curtains up to let the bright sun savor the room. As usual, she headed into the bathroom
to freshen up. Then, her three year old boy shouted, "Mummy, come here! I could not find
my robot "Transformer!" She replied, "Probably, it is just under your bed!" Both of them
scoured the bottom of the bed but in vain. Ellen in exasperation said, "Maybe it is in the garden;
remember, you were playing with Adrian yesterday afternoon." After patient searching,
both of them found the precious toy of Nicholas.

Ellen sighed, "What a day! I still have to go to the market, wash the clothes, cook lunch
and dinner, then clean the house. (Ellen works five days a week and the housekeeper is not
around on weekends). She changed Nic's clothes as they are preparing to go to the market.
Suddenly, she noticed that the figurines are moving, slowly, fast, faster... then all fell down
and broke. She sighed, "Oh! my precious vases!" Sooner, she realised that there is an
earthquake. This is not an ordinary earthquake! The whole house shakes like a bamboo...

So scared, she woke up Adrian, his son and brought the two children outside. Nic cried,
"Where is Daddy, I am scared?" Trembling, Ellen said, "Daddy is still at work, he will
still be back this afternoon!" As Ellen went out, the sky started to darken. She sighed, "
What is this? An earthquake, then... Rumble. Rumble... Then lightning and loud explosive
sounds... The neighbors shouted to her... "Ellen, the volcano in Botol is exploding!" "But Botol
is quite far", she exclaimed. At this time, the clouds were covered by dark ashes and there was
just darkness. It is just like when there is an eclipse!

As she looked around ashes are slowly piling up and the more she trembled! After an hour,
Don, her husband arrived with Pepe, their friend. Ellen screamed, "Thanks God, you're
here." He said, "The workplace closed because of the eruption. Pepe and I will
remove the sand from the rooftop." Ellen said, "Please do not do that; it is alright that the house
will collapse as long as you and Pepe are safe together with our family."

Don said, "No Ellen, this is the house that we put up by our own sweat and tears; no way that
I will allow it to collapse." Don and Pepe removed the sand while the lighning and rain
did not stop for five hours or more." When Ellen looked at the sky, it seems to be like the
fire and brimstone as written in the Bible. She is teary-eyed because she is afraid that Dom and
Pepe may be struck by lightning.

At last, the flooding of ashes stopped. The pile of ashes is up to the waist already. When
she looked around their street, "Oh, five houses collapsed!" She prayed, "I hope, Lord that no
one was injured!"
The following morning, the newspaper from the city showed the devastation. Many people died
in this calamity. It was a fiery, active volcano which spewed lava, gases and ashes that destroyed
everything on it's path...
Ellen could not forget this experience. She uttered, "Thanks for sparing us, Lord. I also pray
for all of the victims... "May eternal light shine upon them."

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(Republished from 09/12/10)

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