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Friday, October 3, 2014


As I look at Francis, I could not help but admire this young man of about
25 years of age.  He is simply devoted to God and planned to be a priest.
He is studying his Theology degree after he stopped his engineering
degree to make way for his dream to serve God through priesthood.

His mother is ecstatic to have a priest in the family.  His parish bid him
farewell with all the trimmings of gifts and well-wishes.  He looks
dignified and happy together with his mother.

As he is working, he juggled his studies and it is not that easy.  On
the other hand, one will not notice any complaint in his face.  He is
always a positive person, humble with his friends and takes time
off for relaxation as well!

At last he is finished with his theology degree and entered a seminary
for pre-novitiate.  He was doing fine in his enquiry till the time he had to
go on a brief holiday overseas.  His plans were still strong and his
dedication to the Lord is still as firm as ever.

On the other hand, when he arrived overseas, he met this fair, young lady
of intrinsic charm.  He was fascinated with her to the point of losing
his first dream.

Then we pondered that it was a different calling for him.  He is called
to married life.  This is his true vocation at this stage.

After a year, he got married to this woman and the mother is utterly devastated,
she likes to have a priest in the family.  When he got married, the mother
finally accepted the reality.

It was not meant to be!  He is not for priesthood.  But now the mother is
pacified.  He was raising his child with Christian values.  The grandmother
gushed, "How do we know, My grandson may be a priest!

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