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Monday, October 20, 2014



( A real nice joke. Thanks) New World

A lady sent me this joke about a smart cat.

A man's wife has a cat, and he hated this cat so much because it always bothers him specially if he is reading a newspaper. So, one day, he carried the cat to his car and dropped him about 50 meters from his house.
He said to himself, "You will get lost, and I will be happy again."
As soon as he arrived home, he found the cat at their doorstep.
Not losing hope, he took the cat to his car again and he drove about 200 m from home.
He said to himself, "This time, you can't come back."
As he enters his home, the cat was at his lounge room relaxing by the heater.
This cat really amazes me!, he said."Alright, he said, I will do a new tactic."
So he drove the car with the cat but this time, he turned right, then straight for 500 m, then left, then another 500m, then right, then left to a round about, then right again.
Okey, this is it!
So he drove home. After 20 minutes, the phone rang at his home and the wife answered.The man was screaming and upset, then ask "Is the cat there?"
The wife said, "Yes, why?"
The man (exasperated)said, "Bring the cat to the phone, I need directions!"
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