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Sunday, October 5, 2014



A doctor gave the verdict for a sickly man: Three months to
live. ..
He was not able to pay so after three months, the doctor

said, Another three months to live!
A beggar really looked so desperate; he stopped a dignified
lawyer in the street and asked for money.
The lawyer said, "I do not give money to strangers on streets.
The beggar replied: What would you like me to do...
open an office?
What a technology! A wife was surfing the net and finally
landed on G. Search.
Wife typed: Location of my husband at 1500 sharp.
Reply: A picture of a beach opened.
Wife typed again: His companion at the beach?
Reply: Beyond our comprehension!
I emailed my friend to send the parcel right away because
it is already Christmas next week.
True to his words, when I opened the e-mail the following
day, he send me an e-card
and the picture of the parcel!
She plan to have a video conferencing with her crush, so she
really prepared herself; went to the salon for a French
chignon, put in a concealer and make-up, heavy mascara
and Oh! super-red lips.
Mr. Daydream: Hello! I am actually looking for Yvonne,
I did not realise she has a beautiful maid!
Yvonne: Grrr###...
Jenny has a very clever parrot! Rommel, her long-time
secret love arrived.
Jenny: My parrot is fantastic. It never misses a thing.
Whatever it hears, it always repeat ten times.
Rommel: Really. Let's try.
Jenny: Lorkie, speak up!
Lorkie: I love you Rommel, I love you Rommel...
An aristocrat lady looked at an exhibit and sneered
at the owner...
"What a monster!"
Owner: "Mam, that's a mirror!"

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