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Friday, October 3, 2014



A witty priest told this story to hundreds of people
who attended a healing mass:
One couple approached Fr. A. for prayers wishing
that they will have a child. Fr. A. remembered
the story of Abraham and Sarah; with great faith
prayed for them. After three months, the wife
thanked Fr. A. for his prayers because she
After 5 years, the couple returned to Fr. A and
asked for prayers for their son who had a disability
and wished that their son get a good education.
He prayed again and the son was accepted in
a special school. After another year, here comes
again the couple running to Fr. A. Fr. A. now
is getting nervous, "What again?"
Philip is a poet and when she is wooing Rebecca...
Philip: Your eyes are like a gale that captivated me,
your scent is like a cloud that prepare for rain,
your nose is like a towering mountain in summer!
Rebecca: Is this a proposition or a weather report?
A woman encountered a person who she think
is wanted for making advances to women. She
rang the police...
Police: Yes?
Lady: I think there is a wanted man in my house?
Police: So we have to go there now?
Lady: This is my address, but please just pick
him up in the morning!
Jane always get all kinds of fine, parking,
speeding, red light and so on...
Police gave her a season ticket!
A drunk got in an elevator. He fell down
several meters down. He shouted!
"I said, up!"

by Cynthia Abegail

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