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Friday, October 17, 2014



Husband: Darl, your brother rang. I think there
is emergency at home!
Wife: I hope we could send some cash, what amount
would you like me to send?
Husband: Something sweet, not too low but not too
high and please send, too the bills to
assure the end!
Bus Driver: There is one mental patient that accidentally
boarded this bus. Could anybody who is concerned
raise his hand?
Then, all raise their hands! The driver froze!
There is now a new taxi where the back-seat is really reinforced
to avoid being attacked. But there is enough hole that the passenger
could pay.
Passenger Y said stop. He handed his pay through the hole. The
driver got the money with a tong. Unbelievable security!
There is a vision for year 2050. The i-phone will be the size of AAA
battery. Mind you, no more use of finger to touch the phone!
Jamie will use a toothpick!
I have a friend, he knows 30 languages. What kind of brain does he have?
I am truly amazed, I asked him. Now I know, the pons in his brain are rechargeable.
Gemma dreamed to be a saint and she even dreams of her
canonization. It never occured to her that she has to die first
before becoming a saint.
Ron: Do you still like to be a saint?
Gemma: Yes, a living saint!
Unbelievable driver! If you see him in his car on the road,
he seems to be an acrobat in avoiding all the speeding cars.
Carl: Wow, what's your secret!
Brett: Well, I always watch "Dancing with the Stars" I imagine
I am the star dancer!

Cheers: Cynthia Abegail

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