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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It was wintertime and Loida went to her favourite doctor. 

Dr Jones:  What can I do for you?

Loida:  (Since it was very cold, Loida clutched her woollen scarf

closer to her throat, then will begin to speak).

Dr Jones:  Ah, so sore throat!

Loida:  Oh no doctor, it is actually my kidney problem.

Dr Jones:  I thought it was your throat because you were

pointing to it.

Loida:  Sorry Doc, I gave a wrong message!


Joanna:  My husband is so punctual!

Beth:  Why did you say that?

Joanna:  He left early at 9:00 am and I told him to go back

at 3:00.

Beth: What time did he came back?

Joanna:  He came back at 3:00 not pm but 3:00 am.

Beth:  You mean you did not get angry?

Joanna:  Of course I did, I run after him like an amok.

He did not come back till now...


Jenna;  I am writing a book about my mother in-law.

Ray:  That's interesting!  What's your motive?

Jenna;  Pay back time..(giggles).

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