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Friday, October 31, 2014


Driving Instructor:  Go left, then right at roundabout,
then left at intersection, then straight ahead then turn right to the
gas station.

Student:  That is too long!  How do you think could I follow that?

Driving Instructor:  Then, use your phone, google it.

Student:  That's better...

Husband:  Look at the mirror, is this the lady I have married?

Wife whose name is Lota then went out for a week, had her nose done,
had peeling and went to sauna for a facial massage.  Then, she had a foot spa,
had her hair colored burgundy, bought a corset, did some aerobics
and more.  After a week, she went back home and surprise her husband.

Husband:  (on the door)  Hi Brenda!  Good to see you!!!

Avril:  (speeding again)  Officer, could we talk about this fine over
a cup of coffee?

Officer:  Certainly, in the police station!

Judge:  You again!  I told you I do not like to see your face again!

Lee:  So, could I go home now?

Mum:  Okey, baby Luke where's your nose? 
Baby Luke pointed to the nose.
Mum:  Very good!  Okey, where's your eyes?
Baby Luke pointed just barely above the nose.
Mum:  Good!
Mum:  Where's your mouth?
Baby Luke pointed just barely below the nose.
Mum:  You really love the nose, isn't it?

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