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Thursday, October 30, 2014


A bloke rang his wife to say he is being sent to Darwin on work and could she quickly
pack him some clothes and his fishing gear, because they were planning a day or two
of fishing.  He also asked her to pack his new satin pyjamas.

On his return, the wife asked how the fishing went and he said it was fine.  But you
didn't pack my new satin pyjamas, " he said.  "Yes, I did," she said, they were in your 
tackle box." 

Geoff used to take regular fishing trips to Mallacoota, but he never caught a fish.  It 
was where his girlfriend lived, the one his wife didn't know for about 30 years.  Every time
Geoff went to Malacoota, he'd stop on his way home at Lakes Entrance and buy a couple of fish
It worked just fine until the day his wife, who was starting to suspect things, found a receipt 
in his car for two fish.

( Really funny, at last nothing will be hidden!  The hubby was on the hook.  Thanks to
Mr Perkin on his column Black and White, Herald Sun for this joke).
New World

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