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Saturday, October 4, 2014


I was walking in a garden, quite dazed and confused about the road.
It seems meandering and the nearby stones are brightly coloured of purples,
magenta and scarlet with tinges of brown. There are myriads of flowers,
maybe of countless species and they all sway gently as if they were dancing
to the count of a blissful hymn.

It seems odd that my beloved is not with me at this time when the light is
blinding and the space seems infinite! I shouted, "Where are you, Remuel?

Are you not going to help me find the way; I seem to be in a maze of nowhere.
I just kept on walking when I heard no reply. I was surprised because I came
out into a place of unequaled beauty. I said to myself, "I know that the paradise
of Eden has been a long, long time ago but I have never seen in my life a place
as beautiful as this!
I do not like to bother strangers as I am quite shy, too. Then I heard a conversation.

A strange voice... and I overheard, "Do not be afraid, this is only a fruit like a red
mandarin, eat it." A lady, Oh so beautiful beyond compare replied, "No, I do
not like because there was a strict order from our leader not to eat it."

The strange voice persist and said, "Do you know that your leader does not like you
to eat this fruit because you will be as wise as him and you will be even as great as him."
The lady replied, "All right, if that is the case, I am interested." Then when his partner
arrived, "Lon-Lon, eat this fruit, and the male ate it because he loves Sen- Lon somuch.

When both of them ate the fruit, they were waiting for themselves to get really
strong and invincible and very wise. Minutes passed and nothing happened!
Lon-Lon looked for the strange visitor but he was gone already without a word.
He uttered with dismay, "We were tricked!"
Lon-Lon was annoyed at Sen-Lon and said, "Why do you trust strangers?" Sen Lon
irritated replied, "Huh, you're telling me, you are the one who obliged sweetly!
The two were already at the verge of an impending separation when the Leader arrived
and saw that they were quarelling! He said, "Aha!, you have eaten the fruit I told you
not to eat. Trembling, the man said, "She gave it to me!"

The leader replied, "No more blaming of one another." Since you have disobeyed my
word, you do not have anymore the right to stay here!" You have to go to the place
called "Never Ending Sorrow."

I love both of you so much but it is too late now. While the sun is still up, quickly
get all the reinforcements you need while there are not yet vultures and wild animals.

While the two sluggishly went out of this exquisite place, the Leader look at them
with sorrow in his heart. He said, "Time will come when you will be mine again!"

Then, I heard the voice of Remuel, "You sleep like a log, wake up! I streched and said, "It seems I was with them!" Remuel exclaimed, "And who are they?

I replied, "Oh! It's alright... I know you don't like to listen to a long story."

Remuel annoyed, "This time, I promise to listen!"

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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