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Thursday, October 16, 2014


( There are so many stories we read but here is an exceptional one sent by Molly Varghese Pazhanchira. You can count this as an excellent story because, Molly Varghese is a talented writer and our popular writer always finds the best story for our readers and here is one. The story has a great moral: Probably it is happening in many people's life. So please read the story and try to show good examples for our children.)New World


Once, there lived a man, his wife, and their son who was a typical little boy. They were quite happy. Then came the man’s father to live with them. The man felt that he had no choice but to keep his father in the house, as the old man had no other place to go to. The wife was not at all happy with the uninvited guest, and felt that she had to work harder adding to her responsibilities.
The little boy loved his Grandpa, and was very much interested in his stories. But he had to sneak into the room because his mother did not allow him to go anywhere near the grandfather. Days went by. The health of the old man was deteriorating. He was loosing his energy to do things for himself. He became so weak that he could not even get out of his bed and perform his daily chores. The lady did not bother to do anything for the old man, except that she kept a bowl at the door so she could put the food for him. She just removed the old food and put in new if he had not eaten anything, without even cleaning it. The man of the house, the son of the old man, never bothered to check on his father, as he was not happy with the arrangement either. Also he wanted to have peace in the house with his wife. Because the old man could not do anything for himself, his room was very dirty and smelly. Even the bowl was dirty and smelly as nobody cleaned it.
One day, the little boy came back from school and saw his parents throwing out everything from his Grandpa’s room, and cleaning up. When he asked his father what happened to grandpa, he was told that the grandfather had died. The little boy felt very sad. Still he went to the pile of those dirty things. He saw the cot, the bed, the old dirty clothes of his grandfather, etc. He started to search for something and his mother got very angry. She scolded him and told him to get away from those dirty things. But the boy continued to look, as if he was looking for something very important. His mother went and told his father about it. So the father came screaming and yelling at the little boy ordering him to get away from there. By then the little boy had found what he was looking for, the bowl in which the food was kept for his grandfather. The father told the boy to throw it away and that it was really dirty. The boy cleaned it with soap and water, and took it to his room.
The father asked him, why he wanted that bowl. The boy replied to his father, “I have to keep it safe. When you and mother become old like Grandpa, I have to give you food in this bowl. So, I am keeping this safe in my room.” Hearing this, his father felt feverish and weak, and sat down. That was when he and his wife realized what an example they were to their son, and what lesson they had taught their son. They also knew in their heart that they were too late to change anything!
(Moral: What goes around comes around. Do for others what you want
others to do for you! Our children have photographic memory,
so we must be very careful in front of our children no matter
what we are doing.) An Indian folklore, translated by Molly Varghese Pazhanchira.

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