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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Many Ways Nanotechnology is Revolutionizing Future Medicine.

The Nanotechnology is somewhat a new technology but it is going to revolutionize medicine and other fields of Science very rapidly. We are going to see many unexpected advancements in many fields of science in a near future.These advancements in medicine and health are many like in the cellular,molecular and also in atomic level.They are at a nanoscale.The scientists are making smallest devices and applications to help a variety of fields.The nano devices can be made useful to enter into our body and examine various parts which connot  be viewed with other devices. The device called  nanobots which are the samallest of robots can do a lot of work inside the body and also outside. They are very efficient. Hope these devices will revolutionize our Medicine and help to improve the lives of mankind soon in the future.

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