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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


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Upon reading the history of saints, one may ponder on the
exemplary and holy lives they had while on earth.  On second
thought, one may deeply recollect that God calls. If we read The
Annunciation of the Lord in the gospel of St Luke, St Gabriel
the Archangel, one of the Archangels who stand before the
throne of God, clearly said, "For nothing is impossible for God."

St Malachy is one of the outstanding Irish saints together with
the great St Patrick!  Even the great saint, St Bernard had so
much good things to say about this humble, selfless and vain-free
saint.   He seems to be David singing at this times:

             Thou visitest the earth and blessest it,
             Thou makest it very plenteous,
             The river of God is full of water,
             Thou preparest their corn;
             For so Thou providest for the earth.
             Blessing its rivers,
             Multiplying its shoots,
             With its drops of rain shall it rejoice
             while it groweth.

"He recognise that he was a shepherd and not a hireling.  He made
up his mind to stand and not to flee; and even to give his life for
the sheep.  How often did he spend whole nights in a wake, holding
out his hands in prayer.  And when they would not come to the church
he went to meet the unwilling ones in the ways and going around about
the city, he eagerly sought whom he might gain for Christ.
Nor did he ride on a horse, but went on foot, thus showing himself as
an apostolic man.  How often was he faint in hunger, how often afflicted
with cold and nakedness....At last, all things were so changed for the better
that to-day the word which the Lord speaks by the prophet maybe spoken of this
nation:---Those who before were not my people, are now my people."

Miracles accompany his life.  Through GOD's grace, these things happen
while he was doing his ministry for the Lord:
In Ulster, a sick man was was at once cured by lying in the saint's bed.
In Saul, County Down, a woman whose madness was so great was cured when the
saint lay his hands on her.
At Cashel, he cured a paralysed boy.
At Lismore, a demoniac was cured.
At Antrim, a dying man recovered his use of his tounge and his speech on receiving
the Holy Eucharist for the dying!
St Malachy, a great Irish saint, who rejected the sins of the flesh and who

liked not to be known.  An exemplary saint, indeed.

Source:  St Malachy by Vincent McNabb, O. P. in Saints are not Sad (

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