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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It was a dreary afternoon when Tanya passed by the office to ask for directions.
"Good afternoon, I just arrived from Marseilles and I wish to enrol my child in Prep, is it here?"
The receptionist warmly replied, "O' no, the school is opposite that road, please see Mr. Wally,
the Principal."  "Thanks, I appreciate it."  Diana, the volunteer asked Tanya, "May I get your
name so that we could invite you for a Parish dinner."  Tanya replied, "Certainly, I live just a block from here and I live with my husband and five children."  Diana said, "Welcome aboard!"

Tanya was full of joy!  She did not yet have friends in the community, so she thought this is
a good start.  Well, Tanya is looking forward for the Parish dinner!  One day of November,
with a raincoat and a huge umbrella, she arrived at the foyer of the House.  All of the people
were all smiles and the the one In-Charge warmly sat on her feet!  Tanya beamed and
the night sweeped like a trail of surprises and beacons a great hope for her and her eldest son, Darren.

After three years of a paradise regained in this place, she is about to experience an unforgettable
situation.  Remember Diana, a blonde lady with this streak of irrationality:  her true color emerged!
Just like an innocent lamb, she now started to be envious of Tanya because of her affable nature
that led her to be dubbed as "The Rose of the Innocent Garden."  Tanya is a vivacious lady that
is always the life of the party.  But, Diana is not happy!  She is jealous!!!

So, the ordeal begun!  Diana ranted once, "Haven't you called Gina, the old lady to be picked
up?"  Tanya replied, "She is not home when I rung!"  Diana replied, "So, you should have went to her place!"  But Tanya retorted, "You know, it is not good to go to one's house without informing them,
you know that!"  Diana shouted, "You should have known better!  Pathetic!!!"

For a period of three years, Diana was negative of Tanya.  After this period of time, Tanya
developed a phobia of her.  Whenever she is about to meet the nasty lady, she had this
unexplainable goose bumps and fear.  She avoided as much as possible to encounter her,
but Tanya is not always successful.  To make matters worst, Diana discredit her all over
the place that she lost even her most faithful confidante.

Sometimes, Tanya will burst into tears with no reason at all.  Later, she was diagnosed with anxiety
disorder.  Her husband noticed her loss of stamina and zeal!  Darrel blurted once, "What is
happening to you; you seemed to have lost your memory!"  Tanya responded in a shabby way,
"Nothing, I am just getting older."

After another year, Tanya is already like a volcano erupting.  Now she knows, the limit has
been reached.  For the first time, she lost her temper on Diana.  She got angry, but that is
only the tip of the iceberg.  She lost herself, an identity crisis! 

Finally, she decided to leave the place.  She said to herself, "I got sick here and never will I
recover from years of bullying if I still remain here." She left Diamond Creek and moved to
the Bowman's Valley.

Bowman's Valley is at the western end of the state.  It has a lush vegetation and flowering
trees.  Tanya just loved the place.  It took her another two and a half years to recover.
She became more confident!  Darrel came once with a box of chocolates, "How's my lovely
princess, all smiles and full of life?"  Tanya smiled, " I am alright, thanks to the Lord for
leading me to Bowman's Valley!"  Come, I have prepared a banquet for you!" 

Darrel chuckled, "You really like to make me fat, so no women will look at me."  Tanya
retorted, "That's a part of the plan, how did you know?"  And they burst into laughter...

Morale:  Bullying is an insidous attitude!  It destroys people, but recovery is still possible.
The best thing to do is to confront oneself, be aware of the plight, move away from the
situation, then ask for help!  The healing process takes time, but it will happen through
God's grace and through one's willingness to be healed.

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