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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Rennee was new in a country of opportunity; somewhat a land of
milk and honey. She was quite adamant to speak with people of
foreign countries, thus she stayed sometime at home. After a
month of adaptation and of rubbing shoulders with the multicultural
people of the town, she likes now to look for work.
She thought, "How can I get a job here, I came from a poor country
and they may not recognise my qualifications.? With courage, she
filed her application for teacher registration. At first, there were
lots of hurdles to overcome, so many questions to answer! Well,
she said, "In our country, I was a teacher of credibility and awards,
why do I have to go through these?" Anyway, she was patient for
a year and after hard work of processing of papers, she received
her coveted paper! She seems to like to laminate this piece of
achievement and to put it in the living room, yet her modesty prevailed.
Renee applied for casual teaching post since her youngest child is still
about five years old. She thought she is an expert teacher, yet the
first time she entered a Year 8 class, she almost fainted! What, with
students roaming one by one inside the room, it looks like there is
a festival. With her large almond eyes, she almost can't believe it!
In her country, just the footsteps of the teacher give nerves to the
students. Here, they seem to be like your peers!
After two years of patient teaching, she went on leave for six months.
She had developed a rare form of stress disorder. It is like a person
who has not acclimitize properly. Well, she applied for a bank post
and she was accepted with flying honors. People are great; it is
great fun to be counting money that is not yours, but mind you,
there is a cache, she has to be able to have about 5 people to get
home loans! Oh, No! I can't do that, I can't even sell a lipstick
back home.
She went for about five more jobs until she sticked with a low-
profile work. Renee is quite an adventurer, yet she thought,
"It is alright, I have already reached the apex of my career
before." What is important is "This country made me comfortable
in a sense!" The people are wonderful, although you may find
some undesirables sometimes, but that's normal anywhere in
the world." I will make this country now my home, a country
which welcomed us with open arms.
Renee wrote: thanks to God for this beautiful country, fresh and green...

Thanks, too, they make us feel comfortable!

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