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Sunday, October 12, 2014


(New World is very happy to welcome Mr.Titus Poplas, a great educator and an author of many books to present a very important essay on the "Value Of Education". It will be published as a series and we are sure this essay is a valuable one for the parents ,teachers and the students. Mr.Titus Poplas has researched the subject in great depth and has come up with a great essay which will help in the lives of most of us. Thanks and our sincere appreciation. We are publishing a short profile of Mr.Poplas)New World
Profile Of Titus Poplas
Titus Poplas is an experienced Teacher and he served as a teacher in India, Maldives and Botswana. He was born and brought up in Trivandrum. After the graduation in MA Philosophy he went to Bangalore for his Teacher's Degree ( B.Ed ). Currently he is in Botswana and heading back to India within a month. He will continue his teaching career in a corporate mangement school belongs to The Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum. He already published two educational books and it is being used as text books in Botswana School System.

Value EducationFamily and moral development of a child
‘Love begins at home’ –Mother Teresa
Home is the first school

It is commonly accepted that home is the first school and parents are the first teachers. It means that a child learns the primary lessons from parents at home. A child begins to learn moral values from family in various ways such as imitation, experience, experimentation and following rules. Family plays a vital role in the moral development of a child. It is no doubt that the child learns how to behave in the society at home but there are other factors that contribute for the M
oral development of a child.Moral development of a person starts at an early age
This piece of writing provides you an opportunity to think whether your family is an ideal family that socializes the child in a moral way. It is of interest to know how a child develops his/her character or personality and the roles parents suppose to play for the moral development of the child. As we all agree that there are various factors such as religious belief, surrounding atmosphere, cultural norms, school, media, books and hobbies are contributing a child to the moral development. Among all these factors family plays the key role for the child’s moral development. Everyone knows moral development of a person starts at an early age at home which is primary agency of socialization.
What is moral development?
Let us closely look at what is moral development and how a child morally develops at home. Moral development is building or improving knowledge of right and wrong. It is also a way in which a child gets to know what is right and wrong in his/her behavior and acts what are acceptable as right in the society and rejects what are considered as wrong in the particular community or society where he/she lives. Home is the first school where the child starts to improve the knowledge of right and wrong in human conduct.

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